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Have you ever wished your life was different?

A life full of beautiful people, travel, gorgeous clothes, and an amazing, loving relationship? 

But I bet you think you can never get there because you…

Well, let me tell you something…

You can have it despite all those things!

I know, because I did it myself and have helped thousands of women do the same.

Hi, I'm Anna Bey,

And I help “normal” women become elegant, so they can live the life of their dreams, with all the amazing things that go along with it: freedom, joy, love, and accomplishment.

I was a lot like you.

When I first began my transformation, I lived on a small farm in Sweden. 

And I was about as normal and plain as someone could be.

Not fit. Not fashionable.

I had been living a stagnant life and was pretty much stuck in the same patterns.

Ladies, I barely even knew how to use makeup.

I’ve graduated from two of the most prestigious finishing and image consulting schools in the world. 

I’ve partied with celebrities like Adam Levine and Paris Hilton. 

I’ve jet-set all around the world and experienced elegant society. 

I’ve even been able to find, fall in love with, and marry the man of my dreams. 

And while I’ve personally made more social mistakes than I can count, as a result of my formal study and a lot of trial and error too, I’ve discovered…

Fast forward a few years…

And now, I’ve been able to meet and work with thousands of truly generous and elegant women. 

The secrets to transforming into elegance are simple!

First, learn how to think like an Elegant Woman thinks…and over time, you’ll find yourself thinking, acting, talking, and doing almost everything in your life from a more Elegant frame of mind.

Second, Elevate your status with well-fitting fashion that matches your budget…and from then on, every dollar you choose to spend on clothing will help you look and feel like a million dollars.

Third, Learn how to upgrade your actions and etiquette…so no matter what social situation you find yourself in, you’ll know how to act and what to say.

By learning how to think, dress, act, and live as an elegant woman, you’ll find yourself empowered with the inner strength to accomplish everything that is most important to you!

And you can look and feel outstanding while you do it!

Plus as you transform more into elegance, you’ll start noticing opportunities you didn’t even know exist opening to you.

You may find yourself...


Like these women who are well on their way to the elegant lifestyle they desire:

Definitely Seeing Results - It’s All Possible

My biggest epiphany through taking this course was that it’s all possible. I have no limiting beliefs. I strongly feel that I deserve to live how I want to. I am definitely seeing results and different experiences from being within the program.

Carla Sophia, USA

My Confidence Has Skyrocketed

“A big piece of leveling up is the fact that your mindset changes. So you become more confident because you’re taking all of these pieces to etiquette and to refinement. And you are confident that you are the best version of yourself that you’re presenting forward.
That was absolutely life-changing for me because I find that my confidence has skyrocketed since taking the program. And I don’t regret a single second of it.”

Gretchen, USA

It’s a Life-Transforming Course

“I personally feel like it’s one life-transforming course that I’ve ever taken. People started seeing change in me, the way I behave, and the way I tackle certain things. And my manager himself told me at my workplace, every meeting I’m more prepared. Anna talks so much about mindset, taking action, make a list, and strategy. It’s a course, which explains how you could transform yourself both externally and internally.”

Pooja, USA

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life today.

You may feel you have disadvantages with...

And if that’s how you feel, that’s ok!

Because anyone can choose to learn the Secrets of the Elite and experience a beautiful life of modern elegance!

But ladies,

Also remember transformation doesn’t usually happen overnight.

It’s okay to start small!

Remember when I started my own transformation more than 15 years ago, I lived by a farm in Sweden! My family was not wealthy and we did not have connections with any people of affluence.

I definitely did not know how to dress elegantly.

I often said the wrong things in social situations.

And looking from the outside you’d probably wonder if I even knew what style was at all.

But over time, I started to make progress. And eventually, with training, certifications, and much more trial and error along the way, I’ve come to learn what is necessary for your transformation…

And what is not.

You can upgrade your life as an elegant woman as quickly and simply as possible, like these women:

Thousands of women just like you have used this exact same process to transform themselves into powerful and Elegant Women living their own dreams!

Tracy used to be unsure of herself.

And she always tried to do the “right” thing, no matter what.
But now she says, “Let me tell you my confidence level, it’s skyrocketed. So that’s a major plus. And then in my lifestyle, I started doing new things. I was reborn. Thank you, Anna!

And Lejla heard this thought from Anna, and then applied it:

Anna said, stop being a dreamer, start being a doer. And now I’m working on my goals. And I’m so grateful because, without Anna, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do that.”

While Heather shared:

“Self-transformation is a fascinating, difficult, exhilarating, never-ending process. Every penny we invest in ourselves goes straight to the foundation of what we are and how deeply we believe in ourselves. Anna offers us gifts from herself that can help us find our own paths. This is the gift of confidence!”

Ladies, THAT is why living elegantly is so essential!


Just like Tracy, Leijla, and Heather, you deserve to feel confident in yourself!

You deserve to feel empowered to go after your dreams and goals! 

You deserve to be able to look as fantastic on the outside as you are on the inside (even if you may not see how wonderful you are quite yet.)

But that’s not all that you can have when you understand how to live a truly elegant life.

If you want to have it all...

You can!

And That’s Why I’m So Proud to Introduce...


Secrets of the Elite Woman

The ultimate resource and blueprint for how to think, dress, and act like a true woman of elegance.

This program enables you to:

Just like I mentioned before, there are only 3 things required to transform into an Elegant Woman.
And that is exactly what we cover throughout the program.
to learn how to think like an elegant woman thinks, and how you can effortlessly change your thoughts.
how to use fashion to elevate your look AND your confidence.
I’ll help prepare you for any and every social situation that will come your way as an elegant woman!
Every week for 6 weeks, you get one new module of the program.
And each module builds on the previous one, while still preparing you for what comes next.

Here’s everything you’ll discover in Secrets of the Elite Woman:


Module 1:

Mapping The Mind Of The Elite Woman

Becoming an elite woman starts with an innate understanding of a very specific, little-known — yet crucial — mindset.


Module 2:

Harnessing Your Star Quality

Learn to set yourself apart by understanding how to develop your own personal brand.


Module 3:

Unveiling The Mystique Of Elite Femininity

Celebrities and elite women possess this secret “X” factor that most people don’t...and now you’ll understand why.


Module 4:

Decoding The Elite Woman’s Style

Whether you’re at a social event, at work, or at home, you deserve to look and feel fantastic. In this module you will learn how to create an elegant personal impact without ever saying a word.


Module 5:

The Hidden Power Of Poise In The Elite Society

As your transformation continues, you are going to be attending more social engagements and events! You'll learn about everything needed to effortlessly “blend in” with the affluent and elite.


Module 6:

Social Circle Secrets For Success

You’ve heard the expression “you are the total of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? Stack the deck for success as you spend more time with like-minded people!

But ladies, that’s not all!

When you sign up today, you also get access to 9 extra bonuses 

to help you along in your journey!

The Dress Code Manual

Be flawlessly dressed for any occasion! I’ve created a comprehensive, pictorial Lookbook that provides you with 200+ ultimate styling examples for your perfect elegant presentation.

The Confidence Code

A masterclass of ingenious hacks and techniques understood by elite ladies to always appear and act in a confident manner. You’ll be amazed at how easy they are to adapt to your own personality!

The Ultimate Dating Allure

I teach you everything you need to know about how to be magnetic to attract and keep affluent, respectful, and high-value men. Plus in this masterclass, I’ll show you how to expand your influence so that attraction happens naturally and effortlessly!

Advancing Your Affluence

Elite women understand how money advances an elegant lifestyle. This masterclass covers financial matters from careers to starting your own business, to investments, and how to handle boundaries with men and money. I will share the critical factors that you need to know!

Step-By-Step To An Elegant Life

Elegant living involves familiarity in many aspects of life’s finer things, along with elite insider activities and interests. This masterclass will help you gain the confidence you need to live a lavish and refined lifestyle… without the overwhelm!

Where To Shop Recommendations

I’ve made you a secret list of my favorite brands (and why I feel they’re special!) so you don’t have to search endlessly for elegant fashion.

Digital Color Pallets

A downloadable color palette with all of your very best colors. What colors are the most flattering on you? Shopping is so much easier when you have this vital information at hand, and carrying this handy color palette will help you to match up what will really work for you!

12 Deep-Dive Answer Sessions With Anna Bey

For every week of the program, you’ll have exclusive access to 2 pre-recorded deep-dive answer sessions where I answer the most common questions about that week’s course material. It’s a great way to dive deeper and get closer to mastering the content!

PLUS, this juicy bonus that I have NEVER offered before in any of my courses, and I am excited to include it!

If purchased alone, it’s worth $297…Yes, I am gifting you (as a super valuable bonus): 

One month special membership in my private members’ club, The A-List!

This special offer is ONLY for my students who enrolled in The Secrets Of The Elite Woman!

You’ll experience being able to study, learn, and socialize with your student group in exclusive VIP Lounge, and make friends with ladies just like you who appreciate the finer things in life!

Wondering if secrets of the Secrets of The Elite Woman is for you?

It is NOT for you if…

It is for you if…


I’ve included everything I possibly can to help you avoid the setbacks I experienced throughout my own transformation, so you can accelerate your own.

I cover all you need to know about how to think, act, and truly become and live an exquisite life.

So my dear elegant ladies, what are you waiting for?

The life you’ve been looking for starts now!

Choose your enrolment option:

Two Payments of

$ 397
  • List Item #1

Let me share something with you. 

Some women decide to wait to join Secrets of the Elite Woman.

And most of them tell me later…


They wish they hadn’t waited.


Because if they hadn’t, they could have started to experience the confidence, freedom, and transformation months (or years) earlier!

So ladies, now you have a choice to make:

You can take this journey on your own:

This is the path I chose. 

But my transformation took years longer than was necessary because I had to learn through trial and error.


You can let me help you: 

I’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to! 

Every aspect of Secrets of the Elite Woman focuses on the essential parts you need in your transformation, so you can start thinking, becoming, and living as an elegant member of the elite as quickly as possible!

I will however offer this guarantee: 

When you apply the principles from Secrets of the Elite Woman, you will see positive improvements in your life much faster than you even believe!


No. Elegance is about who you are and who you’re working to become. It has nothing to do with how much money you earn or spend.

Of course! Elegant women aren’t stiff and boring! In Secrets of the Elite Woman, I show you how to live true to yourself, and have a lot of fun in the process. 

No. There are beautiful, genuine, and truly elegant women of every body shape and size you can imagine. Remember, Elegance is about who you are and who you’re working to become. It has nothing to do with how much you weigh.

They can be, but it’s not a requirement to be assertive in order to live elegantly.

If you have something that matters to you, that’s all the reason you need to pursue it. So as long as you see value in living elegantly, that’s all that matters.

We talk about this in the course! Elegance is multi-dimensional, and not one-size-fits-all.

This can definitely be a challenge! Sometimes it’s not actually a problem with discipline, but a lack of direction that prevents you from making progress. I also share a lot of tools and resources in the program that will help!

Not at all! There is a student study forum inside The A-List app that you get one month for free – specifically designed for discussing the course material along with other resources and tools to help you stay focused on your progress.

The videos on my YouTube Channel are brief and “fun informational’ and with the time we have, we’re not able to go into a lot of depth on any one video.  
Secrets of the Elite Woman is in-depth and transformational, and there is the luxury of being able to go much deeper and effect real change. 
It doesn’t matter where you are today. If you follow the principles laid out in Secrets of the Elite Woman, I guarantee you’ll finish the program a more elite and elegant woman than you started. 

As there are more than 150 videos available on my channel to sample for free, we aren’t offering any refunds on the Secrets of the Elite Woman course. If you’re unsure if you’ll like the program, I’d recommend you spend a little more time viewing the content on my YouTube channel first. 

All of our programs are designed to help you see results quickly, and so it’s very important to me to work with women who are “all in” on wanting to experience an elegance transformation.
That’s why I’ve made the program in a way most women are able to realize their investment in new connections, in networking, in confidence, in finding your lifelong partner, in budgeting your personal finances, in identifying your best value for investing in wardrobe selections, in increased affluence, (and that’s just the beginning)…

Ladies, life happens! You have unlimited access to the program, so you can come back and continue whenever you’re ready.

I can totally appreciate where you’re coming from. For a long time, I had to scrimp and save every dollar I could just to be able to invest in myself. And it was hard, there’s no question about it.

Now a few things to think about: 
There are a lot of people in the world who have spent between $50,000 – $100,000 or even more on their university education…
Yet years after graduation, they still aren’t working in their field of choice, or they work in a position that doesn’t allow them to pay for the education they finished years ago!
Compare that to what you get as a part of Secrets of the Elite Woman. 
For a fraction of the price of a university degree, you not only get an amazing lifestyle education that will positively improve your life…
But you also get access to tools, tips, and resources that will help you through nearly every social situation you’ll experience. 
Yes, that even includes interviews and interacting in workplace settings throughout your career! 
So when you compare the price of Secrets of the Elite Woman to the cost of a university education, you are getting so much of a better return for the money you’ve invested. 
One last thing: remember that any time you invest in yourself, it’s always an investment well spent!
If you want to feel more confident as a woman and to be able to own your femininity…
If you want to improve your social status and attract the right kind of high quality men in your life…
If you want to feel confident in yourself, your body, your mind, your wardrobe, your style, and more…
Then this program is for you. 
Your desire to improve qualifies you. That’s all you need to get started.

Choose your enrolment option:

Two Payments of

$ 397
  • List Item #1

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